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oh so tired...

Yeah, I'm never online. Don't have internet, blah blah. But I do today, mwaah! Rae, honey, I didn't e-mail you because I know that I won't likely get your reply for a while. I'll call you though-mine phone number has changed and shite.
I didn't sleep last night. in an hour and a half I must be at work for eight hours. yum yum...yeah, I'm not looking forward to that.
I have an art show opening today. Of course, I forgot about it until last night, so I won't be putting things up until tomorrow, me thinks. People in the Bratt area should see it-it's at coffee country, nyo.
I really want sleep or somethin'. No work tomorrow is mucho happiness. People should e-mail or call me cause I is lonely. Well, sorta. here, I post artwork.

^ looks better smaller. can you see the hand?

sorry dey is so big. pah. me sleep? nooo....me work....me go. bai
-the vaguely illusive harmy who can't spell just now. Nyo.
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Hey, it's Amber... just wanted to say hi and all...
I LUHSEDEDED YOOUUU!!! I'll put your letter in the mail tomorrow. I promise! ... not that you'll read this between now and tomorrow.. but that's okay. Prettifull pictures. Come visit me. You can stay at Jamie's house. Pleeeeaaaaase!!!!
hey sweets,

It's maggie! From over in manchester. Just thought I'd say hi! :)


October 21 2003, 14:25:26 UTC 14 years ago

hey there honey bunny! Somebody broke into my car and jacked my cell phone, so I now have NONE of your numbers. So... call me. Or something. So I can get them back. Love you! *snuggles and kisses and all that good stuff*