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long time no write?

...been busy...I has a full time job at a Video Store and so...well, coming home and being online isn't my top priority, ne? ...plus various mind fucks happening (happened, now) in my life make it so I don't really want to write/talk about my life much either...Dunno. Not going into it. I have my rat asleep on my hip. :x love her love her...want to sleep, but too sick. or something. blech. Have to work in a few hours. Nooo!

on a completely different tangent, I actually updated my website...not much of an update, but something...a few new (new as in new to my site...not new NEW) original pictures and some work on the GW fanfiction...not much-I'll do more when I have more patience. Tomorrow? hn...well, g'night one and all. jaa
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