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Things I've learned today:

Things I've learned today:

-I HATE CARA! Wait, I already knew that...but she's being worse than usual. Really bitchy...and worse-I found out that because she (or Chris-I hate him too, though) didn't give me a bloody important message, I didn't get a job. If I had gotten that job, there is a good chance I'd be able to get an apartment this next week, and get out of this BLOODY HOUSE!!! but noooo....It's really pissing me off and I want to hurt her.

-Guys can be idiotic...idiots! Argh! Nothing new again...but the most STUPID guy was hitting on me today-I really wanted to leave, but Ann was due to come any second so I couldn't. He was so self-rightous and "macho"...eeew....

-Romelle can't drive. She almost hit me today. Actually, she probably can drive alright, but we hate each other so...yeah. I vent about her anyhow.

-Fanfiction.net is damned annoying. It's a really kewl site...but a few new rules are really annoying me. Such as the no "NC-17" stories rule-it means I have to go through my stuff and get rid of some of it. I'll probably need to delete "Yes Master, My Master", which pisses me off-and means that I probably shouldn't post anymore "Aftermath" either. I don't think I'm going to post there-my new work will be exclusivly on my website (other archives too-if people ask nicely)...I'll post updates in here. Fanfiction.net ALSO got rid of my favorite story catagory-the J-rock one...that pisses me off more. Stupid new rules.

-Singing to Rocky Horror leaves me with a sore throat. I'm not really complaining, actually-I like singing to the Rocky Horror soundtrack...but since I'm venting...you know.

-I really missed Beany a lot over summer. I saw her this weekend. One of FEW good things that I can come up with just now.

-I really miss Penny a lot right now. I hope that she gives me her house number tonight and I can call her soon...I'm lonely and want to be with her! DD=

I'm feeling very bitter and agrivated. Can you tell? grm. ~goes away to be with rat, because is completely alone otherwise~
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