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Busy much? Hell yes!

Hm...I haven't been online (not seriously, at least) for quite a while...haven't posted on here in a very long time. But I am still alive...A lots happened. A lot of shit that I really don't want to get into...highlights: Worrying about one of the people closest to me; Getting a new job and hopefully moving out soon (I think I've got the money for an apartment now-yay!); officially turning 18 (as of, quite literally, 27 minutes ago); went and got back from NM; Wonton went and got back from Fiji; Cara got into a car accident and then her boyfriend moved in here...yummy stuff like that. I did do a tiny bit on my website, but really not enough to bother a special look...not yet anyhow. I have a scanner now, which means when I get a chance, I'll be putting a lot of new stoof up. Argh. I smell like henna. Ooh-Rae's online! Must stay awake...I'm gonna go make tea and play with my new bamboo plant (thank you Penn! Luv yous!) ...How are you?
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