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Been busy and stuff...Penny be out of school for the year, like, and so I've been hanging out with her a lot...it's kinda funny how we're getting to be good friends again...funny but cool.
I pierced my eyebrow too...look! ~shows eyebrow~ I hada safety pin in for a while, but Penn yelled at me until I bought an actual barbel...the swelling is going down, which is happiness.
I went to see that Spirit movie with Wonton...good animation, though I found aspects of the plot and such hilarious. If we were playing the continuatiry drinking game, we'd have all been smashed...though not NEARLY as much as with Disney, kin?

I'm making a zine...it's all cool and stuff. People should order it-e-mail me for that. ^_^ I've already got one person who ordered thirty copies of it for a workshop she's doing! O.o So, yeah...I'm definatly finishing it...

People seem to like art...and I've scanned a hella lotta art recently...I'm only posting one thing now...but...yeah...it's a water element. ^_^

See? yeah...

You really should order my zine...~obsesses obsesses~
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