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O.O hoooi....

Dude, I just spent the last three and a half hours on a single sketch...it's so cool! And mad detailed...it's a messed up angel/devil yuri coupling, with very cool skeletal wings and buckles galore...I really hope I can get into town and scan it tomorrow, cause I'm damned proud! =DD Watch me hate it in the morning though...yech.

um...yeah...well until I can get my I'm-so-proud-of-sexy-yuri-piccy online, here is a little comic I did a while ago and scanned while in Boston (I'd forgotten about it when I posted yesterday)...

Anyone who hangs out with me should get this fairly well, but for those of you who don't...Harmony Parking Lot is where we hang out when in town with nothing to do...and we WILL seriously sit there for six straight hours doing nothing...^^;;
Sorry it's so big...it was enlarged quite a bit when it was scanned...grr-ness...
Now off to do some clean up (so I can go to town tomorrow) and then sleep! Blessed sleeeep....
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