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Back from Boston...what happened to the plot?

I stand by the window, entirely too grateful to be out of the comfortable, eggplant purple can that had imprisoned me (volentarily, mind you) for much of the day. My hands are streached behind my head, which is leaning forwaed in a vain attempt to relax the tensed muscels of my neck. Outside the day is growing dimmer and I give a brief thanks that the blissfully warm weather that has graced us the past few days decided to remain unseen today...the ride would have been unbearable had the sun been shining brightly and the temperature was any higher. Dispite the chill in the air, my dear friend Meeba's younger brother wears a red teeshirt as he transplants minescule amounts of soil from the garden to the sidewalk with his broken, purple plastic shovel-a relic gift from his grandparents perhaps.

Ameoba comes back down the stairs, her contact-enhanced blue eyes straying towards me briefly before she walks outside. I stand at the window only a moment longer...watch my red haired friend greet her baby brother...and then turn away. WIth Ameoba outside, Garrett won't stray into the street, so there is little reason to keep watch.

My feet carry me to the green vinyl computer chair without any conscious thought on my behalf...I had spent the past several hours sitting in a car and, as soon as Ann arrived, I'd quickly be in that position again...but I really don't care. I sit down, rocking slightly in the padding as I try to wake up and ignore the buzz of a faint headache. Sometimes the little headaches are worse than the migranes that invade my skull on a semi-regular basis...A headache from travelling is one of the worst, if you ask me. I wonder if there is a name for the lethergy I'm feeling...post-travel fatigue, perhaps? I've done nothing all day, but the only think that truly appeals to me right now is going home; raiding the fridge and sitting down to watch DASH. Part of me wants to continue translating my new-and old, at that-manga into romanji...part of me wants to throw on Malice Mizer and do tai chi, or write a story...But I think my brain would deteriorate under such simplistic chores.

I rock in the ugly green chair (which, I might add, is surprisingly comfortable and very cool) spewing out this nonsensical and pointless journal entry into my little nice book...It's really more a story than an entry, I suppose...I story without a plot. What happened to the plot?

-April 21, 02
7:42 PM

April 22, 02
12:07 AM-

I don't know why I wrote that earlier...I just saw Garrett playing with the dirt and had to describe it. ~shrugs~ Ironically, I did go home, munch on Chinese food and watch DASH...I even worked on my 3x3 Eyes book more! mew. >^.^<

Anyhow, I was in Boston the last few days. It was cool and shite...I had soooo much pocky, it's rediculas! I also got manga and Japanese tv tapes and happiness...I'm getting SO much better at reading hiragana! ~proud~
First night in Boston, Won and Meebs and I went to a mini-fondue party at Zyla's place...fondue forks are soooo kinky...^^;;;; (~misses mad mad mad kinky, masachistic sex~ ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ) It was fun and stuff...plus we censored these damned stoopid American flag posters that were all over the streets...(ugly naked chick hiding behind flag? yech!)
The next day, I dragged Meebs and Zy to Porter Square for happy Japanese stuff...I'm getting them addicted too! mmmm.....Meeba ever bought manga...heh heh...after that we went to thrift stores then back to vegitate at Zy's again.
On sat (thats the NEXT day), we met up with Wonton again...along with Muffin and Boss and Dave...dat was cool. I scared Boss. ^___^ (I was dressed as a Catholic school girl...I scared myself, though Won said I was cute. ~scrunches nose~ yech)...there was a protest against Abercrombie & Fitch! They made some racist shirts apparently...yeah, I always knew trendie stuff was evil...mew. Went back to Zy, gave her dreads (which ROCk, I might add) and then bummed around...
Went home yesterday.
I shut up now.
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