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Today I did something I had been meaning to do for a long time...I went through everything I posted on ff.net-under all three of my names-and sorted out what I mean to continue and what is scrap and...etc. I erased nothing, even though a LOT of what I have I'll never likely work on again. La la. The following are the stories I have some intention of looking at again...^.^

Title: What Forever Means
Status: Active
Notes: (posted under Harmkitty) Yes, I AM working on this...slowly, but working none the less!

Title: Forever Hidden
Status: Active
Notes: This is a rather new story, and so I'm NOT letting it drop...'sides, it has a plot. ^__^ ~gasps from the crowd of 0~

Title: The Aftermath
Status: active
Notes: I really want to get this done so that I can move on to the next story in the arc...but I'm waiting for the 12 reviews (anyone keeping up with the story, you should know what that means)

Title:~Cackles With Homicidal Glee~
Status: Limbo
Notes: Eh, I'll prob'ly do another part for this...but not just now. ^^

Title: Unable to Complete Mission
Status: limbo
Notes: Yes, this is still continueing, and yes I know whats going to happen with this story-I'm just having some trouble starting the next piece.

Title: Bruises of the Heart
Status: undecided
Notes: I like the idea with this, but I'm not sure if I'll ever touch it again.

Title: Yes Master My Master (original version)
Status: active
Notes: Hey, I actually updated this one semi-recently...it's just not at the top of my ff.net page because I replaced a chapter rather than adding on...it's no longer the mirror of the GW version...better character and plot development...oh yeah....

Title: Across the Veil
Status: Limbo
Notes: I like this story. You should read it. I should write more.

Title: Life is But a Dream
Status: undecided
Notes: I'm not sure where I'm taking this story...but I want to do more with it, dammit! I like the style I used...

Title:Yes Master, My Master (GW version)
Status: Limbo
Notes: Yes, this story is technically finished...but I have every intention of going through it, editing it and making it soooo much better...more about THAT when I get to it. ^^

Title: Cold
Status: undecided
Notes: While I'm fairly certain this story in itself is finished-I did write it as a one-shot...I think I might do something more with the character...I have a good past decided for her, and she's not entirely 2d...so who knows.

Title: Through The Dark
Status: Limbo
Notes: For a while, I'd given up on this...forgotten it...but you know, I kinda like it...and I really want to write about what happens a little later...so I WILL do more on this. Just not sure when.

Title: You are loved/Can't Forgive myself
Status: undecided
Notes: I kinda like these stories and want to continue with the plot, from various characters' points of view...I just never seem to get around to it.

Title: Proving to Gateau
Status: Undecided
Notes: People really seem to like this one...I STILL get requests to continue it...but I really don't know. It has potential, I suppose.

Title: A Truely Perfect Soldier
Status: Limbo
Notes: This story WILL be finished, damn it!!

Title: How Bad Nightmares Can Be
Status: Limbo
Notes: I do want to do this, and I'm constantly playing with it...but (with the exception of the Aftermath) the stories in the YMMM arc are the ones I'm pickiest about...

Everything else is either a one-shot; a poem or dead. mew. ~throws little vigil for the dead stories~
This list, is of course, subject to my every whim.
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