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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
7:22 pm - so, uh, yeah...
Hm. Haven't written in a while, and while shit has most definatly happened, I don't particularly enjoy on catching people up. So here's a disjointed little...thing...

I'm still working at First Run-it's friday and kinda crappy out so it's all mad busy and stuffs...at least it isn't freezing cold out when I take my breaks...
I had yesterday off-spent most of the day sleeping and a little of it playing video games and stuffs with Dan. I have tomorrow off and every intention to do the exact same thing. Buying an RPG maker for PS2-which should be fun if I actually have the patience to use it. lol Not terribly likely, to tell you the truth.

Oh, heres some suckiness in a jar...I spilled banana juice all over the inside of my bag the other day, soaking multitudes of papers as well as my cell phone and charger. I haven't even tried plugging the bloody thing in since then...worst part though (and I just realized this today) is that while trying to clean up the mess, I threw away a fairly large amount of papers-and I'm pretty sure that the envelope that had $80 of my rent money was one of them. ARGH! ...I'll just go sell my body or something...>.< ...heh. Fric won't be happy, but thats okay, he can wait another week. I can't wait to get my mother's place-and a car. and my license. And my permit, for that matter. Hm....I could go on, but I'll stop.

Well, breaks almost over, time to run away and fill my lungs with evil smokage. mmmmmm....nocotine....lol Happy Glenn? I posted. >^_^<


current mood: tired

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Saturday, March 1st, 2003
12:34 pm - oh so tired...
Yeah, I'm never online. Don't have internet, blah blah. But I do today, mwaah! Rae, honey, I didn't e-mail you because I know that I won't likely get your reply for a while. I'll call you though-mine phone number has changed and shite.
I didn't sleep last night. in an hour and a half I must be at work for eight hours. yum yum...yeah, I'm not looking forward to that.
I have an art show opening today. Of course, I forgot about it until last night, so I won't be putting things up until tomorrow, me thinks. People in the Bratt area should see it-it's at coffee country, nyo.
I really want sleep or somethin'. No work tomorrow is mucho happiness. People should e-mail or call me cause I is lonely. Well, sorta. here, I post artwork.

^ looks better smaller. can you see the hand?

sorry dey is so big. pah. me sleep? nooo....me work....me go. bai
-the vaguely illusive harmy who can't spell just now. Nyo.

current mood: exhausted

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Thursday, December 26th, 2002
3:15 pm - happy holidays...
wow. it's the first time I've been online in...well, a loooong-arse time. I've checked my e-mail ONCE since I moved out of my house, which was somethin' like a month ago. Around Thanksgiving time, anyhow. Yeah. Work, go clubbing, sleep and paint-thats my life! ;) I have an art show coming up on the 3d-wish me luck everyone! (yeah the no people that stll read this bloody thing) Anyhow, I'm gonna go download more Chinese punk. ^__^

current mood: predatory

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Monday, November 11th, 2002
1:58 am - long time no write?
...been busy...I has a full time job at a Video Store and so...well, coming home and being online isn't my top priority, ne? ...plus various mind fucks happening (happened, now) in my life make it so I don't really want to write/talk about my life much either...Dunno. Not going into it. I have my rat asleep on my hip. :x love her love her...want to sleep, but too sick. or something. blech. Have to work in a few hours. Nooo!

on a completely different tangent, I actually updated my website...not much of an update, but something...a few new (new as in new to my site...not new NEW) original pictures and some work on the GW fanfiction...not much-I'll do more when I have more patience. Tomorrow? hn...well, g'night one and all. jaa

current mood: sick

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Sunday, September 15th, 2002
8:05 pm - Things I've learned today:
Things I've learned today:

-I HATE CARA! Wait, I already knew that...but she's being worse than usual. Really bitchy...and worse-I found out that because she (or Chris-I hate him too, though) didn't give me a bloody important message, I didn't get a job. If I had gotten that job, there is a good chance I'd be able to get an apartment this next week, and get out of this BLOODY HOUSE!!! but noooo....It's really pissing me off and I want to hurt her.

-Guys can be idiotic...idiots! Argh! Nothing new again...but the most STUPID guy was hitting on me today-I really wanted to leave, but Ann was due to come any second so I couldn't. He was so self-rightous and "macho"...eeew....

-Romelle can't drive. She almost hit me today. Actually, she probably can drive alright, but we hate each other so...yeah. I vent about her anyhow.

-Fanfiction.net is damned annoying. It's a really kewl site...but a few new rules are really annoying me. Such as the no "NC-17" stories rule-it means I have to go through my stuff and get rid of some of it. I'll probably need to delete "Yes Master, My Master", which pisses me off-and means that I probably shouldn't post anymore "Aftermath" either. I don't think I'm going to post there-my new work will be exclusivly on my website (other archives too-if people ask nicely)...I'll post updates in here. Fanfiction.net ALSO got rid of my favorite story catagory-the J-rock one...that pisses me off more. Stupid new rules.

-Singing to Rocky Horror leaves me with a sore throat. I'm not really complaining, actually-I like singing to the Rocky Horror soundtrack...but since I'm venting...you know.

-I really missed Beany a lot over summer. I saw her this weekend. One of FEW good things that I can come up with just now.

-I really miss Penny a lot right now. I hope that she gives me her house number tonight and I can call her soon...I'm lonely and want to be with her! DD=

I'm feeling very bitter and agrivated. Can you tell? grm. ~goes away to be with rat, because is completely alone otherwise~

current mood: pissed off

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Wednesday, September 11th, 2002
3:26 pm
Penny leaves for school tomorrow...I saw her today for the last time for at least a week-possibly two or three. I don't know why, but the very thought of it is depressing me. I guess I'm just so used to being with people all the time...when Penny isn't around, someone else is. I'm at home with Cara and Chris upstairs...I feel so lonely and bored. Penn gave me her rat to take care of-Selkie-and she's on my shoulder...but it's not really helping. I'm just feeling crappy about things in general, I guess...I have been for a few days. I really don't want to be here and I really don't want to be alone, but I have no choice in things so it really doesn't matter much. Still no job, and therefore no apartment...it's really driving me nuts. Grmph. I gotta go blow my nose.

current mood: lonely

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Sunday, August 25th, 2002
9:34 am - Hello Children...
Hee...I has not posted here in ages...um...stuffs been happening, you know? School for Won and Mi'a and peeps start on Wednesday...Nooo! Don't goooo!!! ~clings to legs of friends~ School for Penn starts in about two weeks. ~sniffles~ I'm gonna be sooo alooone....T.T Of course, by then I'll hopefully have a job and on my way to getting an (dun dun dun) appartment!!!! I haven't done much art or writing for a while, but I think my creativity is starting to (slowly) return to me, so maybe I'll actually post something interesting here in a while. Interesting and new anyhow. I've been obsessing over pretty cards to send peoples-Sarah, whats your addy? Lalala...I leave now-but I leave you with some fan art I did a while ago. It's Kyo from Dir En Grey. Sorry it's so big. ^^;; Jaa!

current mood: amused

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Saturday, July 27th, 2002
12:23 am - Busy much? Hell yes!
Hm...I haven't been online (not seriously, at least) for quite a while...haven't posted on here in a very long time. But I am still alive...A lots happened. A lot of shit that I really don't want to get into...highlights: Worrying about one of the people closest to me; Getting a new job and hopefully moving out soon (I think I've got the money for an apartment now-yay!); officially turning 18 (as of, quite literally, 27 minutes ago); went and got back from NM; Wonton went and got back from Fiji; Cara got into a car accident and then her boyfriend moved in here...yummy stuff like that. I did do a tiny bit on my website, but really not enough to bother a special look...not yet anyhow. I have a scanner now, which means when I get a chance, I'll be putting a lot of new stoof up. Argh. I smell like henna. Ooh-Rae's online! Must stay awake...I'm gonna go make tea and play with my new bamboo plant (thank you Penn! Luv yous!) ...How are you?

current mood: tired

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Sunday, June 16th, 2002
1:04 am - I only eat box cutters for breakfast, and you know it's well past noon.
Off to New Mexico tomorrow...wierdness. DOn't know if I want to go or not. What the hell, might be fun, I guess...If I can restrain from murdering certain people, at least. Mmm....throttle throttle...I mean...Yes.
I really should finish packing, but hey! I've got most of the night-who needs sleep? I also have fresh...er...NON-CANNED lychees...orgasm orgasm. Oh yes, lychees are good baby, yes yes...uh...chai?
I'm going to post "art" now because I feel like it. Shite, I forgot to scan my Kyo drawing. baka harmy...damned proud of that bloody thing...arg. Will do it when I get back, I suppose. Oh yeah, "art". Here:

According to a quiz thing, I'm pop rocks. How kinky of me. ~winks at Wonton~ (oh, and I'm NOT thinking Dave there, babe)

Things to do tonight before I sleep (sleep? Whats sleep? WAHAHAHA! Maybe I'll sleep on the plane...hm...wait, I was gonna say something wasn't I? oh yes, things to do...:)
-finish packing
-find Rae's addy
-eat more lychees
-work on website
-get info for July issue of Kinky Spatula together so I can work on it in New Mexico
-download Dir En Grey's "jessica" video and watch it at least five times in a row
-finish this damned entry

yes, finish entry...uh...THIS ENTRY IS FINISHED!

current mood: amused

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Thursday, June 6th, 2002
2:33 am - Ung

Feeling incredably sketchy right now...Want to crawl into a hole and sleep for a lifetime or two. Bleeeegh.

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002
12:07 pm - ~glare glare glare~
Things are happening. And it's not good. I KNEW this would happen...I always put myself in situations like this...BAKA HARMONY! Hmph. I don't actually want to write about it. I hate writing public things about shite like this. I just want to rant and vent and...yeah. grrr...bad mood much. I want ice cream or some shit. bah.

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Thursday, May 30th, 2002
10:14 am - Mew
Been busy and stuff...Penny be out of school for the year, like, and so I've been hanging out with her a lot...it's kinda funny how we're getting to be good friends again...funny but cool.
I pierced my eyebrow too...look! ~shows eyebrow~ I hada safety pin in for a while, but Penn yelled at me until I bought an actual barbel...the swelling is going down, which is happiness.
I went to see that Spirit movie with Wonton...good animation, though I found aspects of the plot and such hilarious. If we were playing the continuatiry drinking game, we'd have all been smashed...though not NEARLY as much as with Disney, kin?

I'm making a zine...it's all cool and stuff. People should order it-e-mail me for that. ^_^ I've already got one person who ordered thirty copies of it for a workshop she's doing! O.o So, yeah...I'm definatly finishing it...

People seem to like art...and I've scanned a hella lotta art recently...I'm only posting one thing now...but...yeah...it's a water element. ^_^

See? yeah...

You really should order my zine...~obsesses obsesses~

current mood: artistic

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Thursday, May 16th, 2002
11:42 pm - Whee!

Zy sent me the first few photos from our trip to Boston a few weeks ago! Yay! They actually turned out very good...double yay! I'm only posting one though...it's my favorite of what I've seen so far. ^_^ Me and Meebs being veggies again...(meebs is all sexy in my corset and her slip-thingy...I'm in a Catholic school girl outfit). lol

Wonton is asleep in the living room right now...I'm downloading music videos. Mew. Hyperness...gonna goooo.....bai!

current mood: awake

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Monday, May 6th, 2002
9:46 pm - stoof, stoof and...um....stoof!

(damned scanner...came out mad light...)

My fingertips are tingling...I'm learning guitar! I can already play "Blister in the Sun" by Violent Femmes! ~gringles and is proud~ uh...bai!

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, May 1st, 2002
3:01 am - It's a conspiracy! ...or maybe just damned creepy...
And just what, might you ask, is a conspiracy...or damned creepy, for that matter? And if you were to ask such a question, my answer would be Camui Gackt. He's not human, this I've known for a long time...it is only recently, however, that I've realized just what he is...(for the longest time, I thought that he had an ancerster that was a mutant version of the alien race known on Earth as gymnists).
Do you, perchance, remember the green, rubber guy that graced children's television and paraphenalia for a while? Do you remember his flexible body and creepy eyes? Of course you do...you remember him! And now...I let you in on a great secret...Gackt-beloved jrocker and bad dancer extrodenair-is really...GUMBY IN DISGUISE! YES!
And how did I come to that brilliant deduction? Careful, careful research...and tireless hours of eleminating rediculous theories...
My first inklings that Gackt was decidedly NOT human were thanks to one of his music videos. Unfortuantly, I blacked out for about half the video (too much of that said bad dancing)...but before blessed darkness over took me I remember seeing the singer's torso and limbs twisting him into such positions that an elephant's trunk would have difficulty emulating. Detirmined to expose the "Japanese" man for the alien he was, I began a long search for further proof...that didn't require focusing on his video again.
I found photo-graphs, which I will display for your viewing horror at the bottom of the screen.
Several theories snapped into my mind...he could be a member of the alien gymnist race; one of his parents could have had an affair with, or been raped by, a rubber tree; he could be an escapee (or reject) from the Matrix; he could be Gumby...or even a really flexible human!
It took some time to eleminate the now-obviously wrong possibilities...It seemed unlike that he was a member of the gymnist race-they'd been showing waning interest in the planet of recently (thankfully)...I discounted the half-rubber tree theory on the basis that to truly ponder such a thing would mean I had to think deeply into humanxtree mating rituals, which would certainly scar my mind and I doubt Gackt would pay the bill for years of therapy required to return me back to normal. The Matrix theory was unlikely since Gackt does NOT travel through phone lines (when he wants to get somewhere quick, the singer turns into a flying cat, he does NOT dial numbers into a cell!), and as for him being human....Ha! Obviously not!
So Gumby he is...scary ne?

There are Easter eggs still in my fridge. I think they'll hatch soon,and being their quest for universal domination. Just a warning...

So remember...
and beware the eggs!

current mood: dizzy

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Thursday, April 25th, 2002
10:35 am - =DDDDDDDDD

WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This is my proud piccy............you must comment!!!! ~is proud~

current mood: chipper

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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002
12:58 am - O.O hoooi....
Dude, I just spent the last three and a half hours on a single sketch...it's so cool! And mad detailed...it's a messed up angel/devil yuri coupling, with very cool skeletal wings and buckles galore...I really hope I can get into town and scan it tomorrow, cause I'm damned proud! =DD Watch me hate it in the morning though...yech.

um...yeah...well until I can get my I'm-so-proud-of-sexy-yuri-piccy online, here is a little comic I did a while ago and scanned while in Boston (I'd forgotten about it when I posted yesterday)...

Anyone who hangs out with me should get this fairly well, but for those of you who don't...Harmony Parking Lot is where we hang out when in town with nothing to do...and we WILL seriously sit there for six straight hours doing nothing...^^;;
Sorry it's so big...it was enlarged quite a bit when it was scanned...grr-ness...
Now off to do some clean up (so I can go to town tomorrow) and then sleep! Blessed sleeeep....

current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, April 21st, 2002
11:48 pm - Back from Boston...what happened to the plot?
I stand by the window, entirely too grateful to be out of the comfortable, eggplant purple can that had imprisoned me (volentarily, mind you) for much of the day. My hands are streached behind my head, which is leaning forwaed in a vain attempt to relax the tensed muscels of my neck. Outside the day is growing dimmer and I give a brief thanks that the blissfully warm weather that has graced us the past few days decided to remain unseen today...the ride would have been unbearable had the sun been shining brightly and the temperature was any higher. Dispite the chill in the air, my dear friend Meeba's younger brother wears a red teeshirt as he transplants minescule amounts of soil from the garden to the sidewalk with his broken, purple plastic shovel-a relic gift from his grandparents perhaps.

Ameoba comes back down the stairs, her contact-enhanced blue eyes straying towards me briefly before she walks outside. I stand at the window only a moment longer...watch my red haired friend greet her baby brother...and then turn away. WIth Ameoba outside, Garrett won't stray into the street, so there is little reason to keep watch.

My feet carry me to the green vinyl computer chair without any conscious thought on my behalf...I had spent the past several hours sitting in a car and, as soon as Ann arrived, I'd quickly be in that position again...but I really don't care. I sit down, rocking slightly in the padding as I try to wake up and ignore the buzz of a faint headache. Sometimes the little headaches are worse than the migranes that invade my skull on a semi-regular basis...A headache from travelling is one of the worst, if you ask me. I wonder if there is a name for the lethergy I'm feeling...post-travel fatigue, perhaps? I've done nothing all day, but the only think that truly appeals to me right now is going home; raiding the fridge and sitting down to watch DASH. Part of me wants to continue translating my new-and old, at that-manga into romanji...part of me wants to throw on Malice Mizer and do tai chi, or write a story...But I think my brain would deteriorate under such simplistic chores.

I rock in the ugly green chair (which, I might add, is surprisingly comfortable and very cool) spewing out this nonsensical and pointless journal entry into my little nice book...It's really more a story than an entry, I suppose...I story without a plot. What happened to the plot?

-April 21, 02
7:42 PM

April 22, 02
12:07 AM-

I don't know why I wrote that earlier...I just saw Garrett playing with the dirt and had to describe it. ~shrugs~ Ironically, I did go home, munch on Chinese food and watch DASH...I even worked on my 3x3 Eyes book more! mew. >^.^<

Anyhow, I was in Boston the last few days. It was cool and shite...I had soooo much pocky, it's rediculas! I also got manga and Japanese tv tapes and happiness...I'm getting SO much better at reading hiragana! ~proud~
First night in Boston, Won and Meebs and I went to a mini-fondue party at Zyla's place...fondue forks are soooo kinky...^^;;;; (~misses mad mad mad kinky, masachistic sex~ ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ) It was fun and stuff...plus we censored these damned stoopid American flag posters that were all over the streets...(ugly naked chick hiding behind flag? yech!)
The next day, I dragged Meebs and Zy to Porter Square for happy Japanese stuff...I'm getting them addicted too! mmmm.....Meeba ever bought manga...heh heh...after that we went to thrift stores then back to vegitate at Zy's again.
On sat (thats the NEXT day), we met up with Wonton again...along with Muffin and Boss and Dave...dat was cool. I scared Boss. ^___^ (I was dressed as a Catholic school girl...I scared myself, though Won said I was cute. ~scrunches nose~ yech)...there was a protest against Abercrombie & Fitch! They made some racist shirts apparently...yeah, I always knew trendie stuff was evil...mew. Went back to Zy, gave her dreads (which ROCk, I might add) and then bummed around...
Went home yesterday.
I shut up now.

current mood: drained

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Friday, April 12th, 2002
1:44 am - Yeah...I'm a fangirl...shoot me.

For those of you who don' know, can't tell etc, it's s'possed to be Kyo from Dir En Grey...mew!

current mood: amused

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Monday, April 8th, 2002
9:11 pm - Fanfiction.net
Today I did something I had been meaning to do for a long time...I went through everything I posted on ff.net-under all three of my names-and sorted out what I mean to continue and what is scrap and...etc. I erased nothing, even though a LOT of what I have I'll never likely work on again. La la. The following are the stories I have some intention of looking at again...^.^

Title: What Forever Means
Status: Active
Notes: (posted under Harmkitty) Yes, I AM working on this...slowly, but working none the less!

Title: Forever Hidden
Status: Active
Notes: This is a rather new story, and so I'm NOT letting it drop...'sides, it has a plot. ^__^ ~gasps from the crowd of 0~

Title: The Aftermath
Status: active
Notes: I really want to get this done so that I can move on to the next story in the arc...but I'm waiting for the 12 reviews (anyone keeping up with the story, you should know what that means)

Title:~Cackles With Homicidal Glee~
Status: Limbo
Notes: Eh, I'll prob'ly do another part for this...but not just now. ^^

Title: Unable to Complete Mission
Status: limbo
Notes: Yes, this is still continueing, and yes I know whats going to happen with this story-I'm just having some trouble starting the next piece.

Title: Bruises of the Heart
Status: undecided
Notes: I like the idea with this, but I'm not sure if I'll ever touch it again.

Title: Yes Master My Master (original version)
Status: active
Notes: Hey, I actually updated this one semi-recently...it's just not at the top of my ff.net page because I replaced a chapter rather than adding on...it's no longer the mirror of the GW version...better character and plot development...oh yeah....

Title: Across the Veil
Status: Limbo
Notes: I like this story. You should read it. I should write more.

Title: Life is But a Dream
Status: undecided
Notes: I'm not sure where I'm taking this story...but I want to do more with it, dammit! I like the style I used...

Title:Yes Master, My Master (GW version)
Status: Limbo
Notes: Yes, this story is technically finished...but I have every intention of going through it, editing it and making it soooo much better...more about THAT when I get to it. ^^

Title: Cold
Status: undecided
Notes: While I'm fairly certain this story in itself is finished-I did write it as a one-shot...I think I might do something more with the character...I have a good past decided for her, and she's not entirely 2d...so who knows.

Title: Through The Dark
Status: Limbo
Notes: For a while, I'd given up on this...forgotten it...but you know, I kinda like it...and I really want to write about what happens a little later...so I WILL do more on this. Just not sure when.

Title: You are loved/Can't Forgive myself
Status: undecided
Notes: I kinda like these stories and want to continue with the plot, from various characters' points of view...I just never seem to get around to it.

Title: Proving to Gateau
Status: Undecided
Notes: People really seem to like this one...I STILL get requests to continue it...but I really don't know. It has potential, I suppose.

Title: A Truely Perfect Soldier
Status: Limbo
Notes: This story WILL be finished, damn it!!

Title: How Bad Nightmares Can Be
Status: Limbo
Notes: I do want to do this, and I'm constantly playing with it...but (with the exception of the Aftermath) the stories in the YMMM arc are the ones I'm pickiest about...

Everything else is either a one-shot; a poem or dead. mew. ~throws little vigil for the dead stories~
This list, is of course, subject to my every whim.

current mood: accomplished

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