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so, uh, yeah...

Hm. Haven't written in a while, and while shit has most definatly happened, I don't particularly enjoy on catching people up. So here's a disjointed little...thing...

I'm still working at First Run-it's friday and kinda crappy out so it's all mad busy and stuffs...at least it isn't freezing cold out when I take my breaks...
I had yesterday off-spent most of the day sleeping and a little of it playing video games and stuffs with Dan. I have tomorrow off and every intention to do the exact same thing. Buying an RPG maker for PS2-which should be fun if I actually have the patience to use it. lol Not terribly likely, to tell you the truth.

Oh, heres some suckiness in a jar...I spilled banana juice all over the inside of my bag the other day, soaking multitudes of papers as well as my cell phone and charger. I haven't even tried plugging the bloody thing in since then...worst part though (and I just realized this today) is that while trying to clean up the mess, I threw away a fairly large amount of papers-and I'm pretty sure that the envelope that had $80 of my rent money was one of them. ARGH! ...I'll just go sell my body or something...>.< ...heh. Fric won't be happy, but thats okay, he can wait another week. I can't wait to get my mother's place-and a car. and my license. And my permit, for that matter. Hm....I could go on, but I'll stop.

Well, breaks almost over, time to run away and fill my lungs with evil smokage. mmmmmm....nocotine....lol Happy Glenn? I posted. >^_^<

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