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oh so tired...

Yeah, I'm never online. Don't have internet, blah blah. But I do today, mwaah! Rae, honey, I didn't e-mail you because I know that I won't likely get your reply for a while. I'll call you though-mine phone number has changed and shite.
I didn't sleep last night. in an hour and a half I must be at work for eight hours. yum yum...yeah, I'm not looking forward to that.
I have an art show opening today. Of course, I forgot about it until last night, so I won't be putting things up until tomorrow, me thinks. People in the Bratt area should see it-it's at coffee country, nyo.
I really want sleep or somethin'. No work tomorrow is mucho happiness. People should e-mail or call me cause I is lonely. Well, sorta. here, I post artwork.

^ looks better smaller. can you see the hand?

sorry dey is so big. pah. me sleep? nooo....me work....me go. bai
-the vaguely illusive harmy who can't spell just now. Nyo.
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