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Hello Children...

Hee...I has not posted here in ages...um...stuffs been happening, you know? School for Won and Mi'a and peeps start on Wednesday...Nooo! Don't goooo!!! ~clings to legs of friends~ School for Penn starts in about two weeks. ~sniffles~ I'm gonna be sooo alooone....T.T Of course, by then I'll hopefully have a job and on my way to getting an (dun dun dun) appartment!!!! I haven't done much art or writing for a while, but I think my creativity is starting to (slowly) return to me, so maybe I'll actually post something interesting here in a while. Interesting and new anyhow. I've been obsessing over pretty cards to send peoples-Sarah, whats your addy? Lalala...I leave now-but I leave you with some fan art I did a while ago. It's Kyo from Dir En Grey. Sorry it's so big. ^^;; Jaa!

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