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I only eat box cutters for breakfast, and you know it's well past noon.

Off to New Mexico tomorrow...wierdness. DOn't know if I want to go or not. What the hell, might be fun, I guess...If I can restrain from murdering certain people, at least. Mmm....throttle throttle...I mean...Yes.
I really should finish packing, but hey! I've got most of the night-who needs sleep? I also have fresh...er...NON-CANNED lychees...orgasm orgasm. Oh yes, lychees are good baby, yes yes...uh...chai?
I'm going to post "art" now because I feel like it. Shite, I forgot to scan my Kyo drawing. baka harmy...damned proud of that bloody thing...arg. Will do it when I get back, I suppose. Oh yeah, "art". Here:

According to a quiz thing, I'm pop rocks. How kinky of me. ~winks at Wonton~ (oh, and I'm NOT thinking Dave there, babe)

Things to do tonight before I sleep (sleep? Whats sleep? WAHAHAHA! Maybe I'll sleep on the plane...hm...wait, I was gonna say something wasn't I? oh yes, things to do...:)
-finish packing
-find Rae's addy
-eat more lychees
-work on website
-get info for July issue of Kinky Spatula together so I can work on it in New Mexico
-download Dir En Grey's "jessica" video and watch it at least five times in a row
-finish this damned entry

yes, finish entry...uh...THIS ENTRY IS FINISHED!
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